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Boho 2m Garland

Boho 2m Garland

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Our Boho Baby Balloon Garland is perfect for decorating a party.  The soft muted colours of Ivory, Cameo, Rosewood and Wild Berry look fabulous at a baby shower or birthday party.

The balloon garland is approximately 2m long (2m minimum) and air filled so will last for days if not weeks, however balloons are delicate so if they are subjected to a lot of prodding and poking or placed outside the garland will soon start to look timeworn.
When exposed to sunlight the balloons take on a velvety appearance.

Our garland is mouldable so you can position it in a straight line or bend it around a doorway.  We can give you fixing tips and enough loops to secure your garland.  You just need to set up the fixing points or utilise your surroundings (e.g. curtain poles, gazebo frames etc)  Frame pictured is not included.

We always endeavour to create our balloon bouquets true to how they are illustrated, however occasionally, we may need to use alternative balloons and therefore designs could vary to that shown.

Collect from our Harrogate store or choose local delivery.  If collecting please ensure you come with an empty boot and back seats. 

Latex balloons are biodegradable so when you've had enough of the garland, simply pop it and bin it, as the latex breaks down naturally in landfill. 

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